so creative am i right

one of my captains from quidditch wants to come over and watch anime with me next week this experience is truly on another level goodnight


wow, zayn and I are so compatible! his favorite place in the world is his bed. my favorite place is also zayn’s bed.

IM SO OUT OF SHAPE!!!!!!!!!!! i’m starting to really get to know people on my quidditch team and they’re really nice and i found that i’m a really good beater and i’m just glad i’m starting to make friends, even if they are all older than me



local gay couple judges saturday morning runners

if i ever dont reblog this assume im dead


*makes fun of weeboos*

*is a huge fucking weeaboo*

there’s a kid in my eng326 class that looks like Sid from toy story and smells like a motherfucker and he sat between me and this (really hot) senior girl and literally she just gave me This Look over his shoulder and in that moment i knew i had made a friend through bonding in misery

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do you also need pictures of spiderman ?

as many as you will fucking send to me i will take


there are so many more attractive women in this world than men